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Views Of The Wall Photo Essays

Photos by Victoria Chen (Student Correspondent), University of Michigan CET Chinese Studies & Internship in Beijing, Summer 2015

CET Finishes Great Wall Climb

Biking at Olympic Park with Classmates

View of Summer Palace

Learning Tea Ceremony in Chinese Class

First dinner with my roommate

Michigan students at Tiananmen Square

Michigan sudents finish Great Wall climb

View of Purple Bamboo Park

Photos by Lawrence Ntim, (Cornell University) Student Correspondent, Chinese Studies & Internship in Beijing, Spring 2016

A Statue of Confucius at the Imperial College of Confucius in Beijing. This location is one of Beijing’s most important landmarks and was where Confucius taught many of of his followers and where many of his teachings are preserved.


Classmates and I exploring one of Beijing’s large malls in the Chaoyang District during a CET scavenger hunt. Chaoyang is in Central Beijing and has grown greatly in the past couple of decades, becoming a center for commerce and tourism.


View from the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China during a CET excursion. Fun fact: the wall at it’s full length is estimated to be 13,170.69 miles according to a five year survey.


Students thinking of an alternative way to get up the Great Wall of China during a CET excursion to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. The Mutianyu section is one of the most common and popular sections to climb.


My teachers and I strolled down the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall on a cold winter day.


My daily walk from my dorm to my classroom on Capital Normal University’s South Campus on a nice day in Beijing.


An incredible acrobatics performance at the Chaoyang Theatre in Central Beijing. The Chaoyang Theatre acrobatic show is one of Beijing’s most well known and long-running acts, and has been critically acclaimed many times.


The view from the entrance to Gugong, the Imperial Palace in Beijing that is directly in the center of Beijing. It holds the remnants of Imperial structures in Beijing and is a symbol of national pride.


Viewing the statues in Tiananmen Square next to the Zedong Mauseleum in Central Beijing.