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Ap Human Geography Demographic Transition Essay List

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AP Human Geography: Migration Vocabulary

Vocabulary from the Advanced Placement course of Human Geography regarding migration
The range of an area in which an organism participates in its daily activities (e.g. a school or workplace)
The large-scale emigration of talented citizens of a country who leave to seek better opportunities for their talents
The migration of people to a certain location because family members of the same nationality previously migrated there
Short-term, repetitive, or cyclical movements that recur on a regular basis
Occurs when a country legally ties a sovereign state to itself and then settles it as its own
Net migration from urban to rural areas in MDCs
The diminishing in the likeliness of a migrant to immigrate to an area based on how far away it is
The migration from a location
The area subject to flooding during a given number of years according to past trends
Permanent movement, usually compelled by cultural factors, that is done due to an outside force
The planned mass murder of an entire national or racial group (e.g. Holocaust)
Workers who migrate to the more developed countries of North and West Europe, usually from South and East Europe or North Africa, in search of higher-paying jobs
A fraction that predicts the interaction between places on the basis of their population size and distance between them (Population 1 x Population 2 ÷ Distance)
The migration to a new location
The permanent movement from one country to another
The permanent movement from one region of a country to another
An environmental or cultural feature of a landscape that hinders migration
The permanent movement within one region of a country
A law that places maximum limits on the number of people who can immigrate to a country each year
Five laws that predict the flow of migrants developed by British demographer Ernest Ravenstein
A permanent move to a new location
Work done by laborers who move from place to place to earn money, mostly through agriculture
The change in the migration pattern in a society that results from industrialization, population growth, and other changes that also produce demographic transitions
All types of movement from one place to another
The difference between the number of emigrants and the number of immigrants
A feature that induces people to move to a certain location
A feature that induces people to move out of a current location
A limit on maximum number of people who can immigrate to an area annually
A person who is forced to migrate from his or her home country and cannot return for fear of persecution due to his or her race, religion, political opinion, nationality, or group
Migration that follows a path of a series of stages or steps towards a final destination
The seasonal migration of livestock between mountains and lowlands
People who enter a country without proper paperwork
Permanent movement undertaken by choice