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Mng3701 Assignment 1 2015

MNG3701 Strategic Management 3A – Semester 1


MNG3701 Strategic Management 3A

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This Study Group has an in-house Academic Lecturer

MNG3701-MNG301A Strategic Management 3A equips learners with the competencies necessary to interpret, formulate and implement strategic plans for the business units. In particular,it will enable learners to understand the importance of creating and maintaining competitive advantage in an organisation. Students will be introduced to the challenges managers face in strategically aligning that their chosen strategies are implemented effectively.

Prescribed Book for MNG301A-RMG3015 Strategic Management 3A 

AuthorEhlers, M.B.
TitleStrategic Management – Southern African concept and cases
Year Published2010
PublisherVan Schaik

Resources for MNG3701-MNG301A Strategic Management 3A

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MNG3701/201/2015 3 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Student The purpose of this tutorial letter is to provide feedback on Assignment 01. You are required to read through the contents of this tutorial letter carefully, as it offers you guidance on what was expected from you with regard to Assignment 01. This tutorial letter also suggests possible improvements which you may incorporate into Assignment 02. Each assignment covers the contents of specific learning units and the associated learning outcomes. The outcomes in learning units 1, 2, 3 and 4 were assessed in Assignment 01. Assignment 01 dealt with a discussion on the concepts of strategy, strategic planning and strategic management. It also introduced you to the importance, benefits and risks of strategy. It also dealt with the concept of competitive advantage and the requirements for a sustainable competitive advantage. Finally, Assignment 01 considered the structure, dynamics and attractiveness of the industry in which Apple is competing. Students were expected to present answers in an essay format, using the prescribed assignment guidelines provided in section 6.3.2 of Tutorial Letter 101. Feedback and comments on Assignment 01 was made through the use of an assignment evaluation sheet (rubric), which was presented in section 1.3 of Tutorial Letter 101 (Annexure B). The assignment evaluation sheet is a useful tool to guide you on how marks have been allocated and it helps you to identify areas that need immediate improvement. As stated in your Tutorial Letter 101, you will realise that only one out of the four questions was marked. However, this tutorial letter contains feedback on all the questions in the assignment. As stated previously, we strongly recommend that students submit their assignments online via my Unisa, in PDF format, so as to allow speedy and efficient assignment administration in terms of receipt, marking and delivery back to the student. For those who submitted their assignments online, you will receive your marked assignments, together with the marker’s assessment, in your myLife e-mail account immediately after marking has been completed. For those who have submitted the assignment by post, you will receive your marked assignment, together with the marker's comments and the assignment evaluation sheet (rubric), in the post or by courier. 2 FEEDBACK ON ASSIGNMENT 01 Assignment 01 was an essay-type assignment based on Apple’s innovation strategy, provided in Annexure A of Tutorial Letter 101. You had to answer all four questions and you should have used this article to support statements made in the last two questions. For the first two questions you were required to support your discussion with examples from any appropriate