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Salesian School Chertsey Show My Homework

  • independent learning
  • self-discipline
  • consolidation
  • research
  • practice
  • learning by doing
  • pupil/parent/teacher partnership
  • completion of coursework assignments
  • work not suited to the classroom situation

The Amount of Homework:

The intrinsic value of homework activities is far more important than the precise time devoted to them. It is felt useful, however, to give an indication of broad expectations of how much time should be spent on homework. This acts as a framework for pupils and staff to work within and provides a guide to parents.

At Salesian School it is expected that pupils should generally spend the following amount of time on homework each evening:

Years 7-845-90 mins per day
Year 9 1-2 hours per day
Years 10-111.5-2.5 hours per day
Years 12-13           2-3 hours per day*

*  In the Sixth form we expect students will complete around five hours of independent study (including homework) per subject per week in Year 12, rising to eight in Year 13.


Great learning is what we are all about at Salesian

The aims and statutory elements of the national curriculum are met within our own and we endeavour always to provide this through outstanding teaching where the needs of individual students are known and catered for. As part of our fair and balanced curriculum, all students can expect to be taught: English, Maths and Science, a Modern Foreign Language, Technologies, PE, Religious Education, Geography, History, Music, Drama and Art until the end of Key Stage 3 when they chose their GCSE options and their timetable becomes more personalised according to their preferences and skills. Literacy, numeracy and computing skills are developed across all subjects and each student is supported to achieve confidence and proficiency in these areas as part of their basic skills. Small group support and coaching in a range of areas is provided where students may need it in order to reach their potential.

Where necessary and appropriate the curriculum is adapted to suit the needs of an individual student through dis-application of the National Curriculum - this is done in close collaboration with parents, teachers and support teams.