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Bibliography Texmaker Windows 64

The solution is concerning the build directory option.

You didn't state if you changed the default TexMaker menu -> options -> commands -> "Use a build subdirectory" which is disabled (by default).

If you did not change that, then the above @Kate and @R. Schumacher instructions should work for you.

The instructions should NOT work for you if you changed the default to use a separate build directory (at least for Windows). So by disabling that option, the instructions should then work for you. Here is why.

The F6/pdflatex step puts the .aux file(s) in the build directory.

However, the F11/bibtex step will look in the default directory (not the build directory).

So after step F6/pdflatex, you can manually copy the .aux file(s) from the build directory to the default directory. However, here is a way to configure TexMaker to work around the issue.

If you configure the build, you can change the menu > options > configure > commands > Bib(la)tex settings

The original entry is: bibtex %

Change it to: bibtex build\%

The above worked for me on Windows 8.1.

just spent a day struggling with this too

I used the little browse icon to the side of the bib(la)tex field to find the biber program and it worked fine.

I also found that using LaTeX build option (i.e. not pdflatex,etc) for the first build then a bibtex build on the same .tex document then pdfLaTeX build worked well.

my bibliography file bib.bib looks like (using science directs export citation):

and the .tex file looks like


Kim, Lee, and Yu 1999 ...

References Kim, Jin-Soo, Huen Lee, and Sun Il Yu (1999). \Absorption of water vapour into lithium bromide-based solutions with additives using a simple stagnant pool absorber". In: International Journal of Refrigeration 22.3, pp. 188{ 193. issn: 0140-7007. doi: 10.1016/S0140-7007(98)00061-9. url: http: //

I need to learn how to tidy up the references but I hope this helps get you started