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Essays On Universal Studios

Continuing from my previous post on  Disney World – Animal kingdom park, which am sure you have loved it,  on this weekend travel post we are portraying Universal Studios through our lens. Universal studio is very fascinating, the buildings, the streets, the towns all modeled after their famous movies is worth seeing, worth visiting and we spent little over half a day there.

Universal Studio

For the shrimp lovers, Bubba Gump shrimps has their restaurant right there near the entrance to the park. Food is undoubtedly good but what catches our eye is this –

An Ode to Shrimp @ Bubba Gump

The colorful building at Island adventure park, depicting a market scene.

Colorful building at a market, island adventure park

Sponge bob Square pants err… store pants. Love him and his crabby patties !

How about some goose juice or moose juice to quench your thirst ? Choose your pick !

Goose juice or Moose juice ?

Love the colorful and very interesting looking food trucks. There are many. Can not vouch about the food, as I have not tried any of them but they all looks so curious.

World’s largest Hard Rock cafe is here at Orlando’s Universal studio.

largest HRC

Another Food truck selling ice creams ! Isn’t it cute ?

Some Ice creams please !

Entering the town of Hogwarts !

Hogwart express

This is the best of Universal Studio – Harry Potter attractions ! Entering the Hogsmeade village…

Hogsmeade village

and soon the Honeydukes (they have some chocolate frogs for you )  ; Dervish and Banges ; Filch’s emporium of confiscated goods ; Owl Post ; Zonko’s and Three Broomstick restaurant appears.

Believe me or not, the picture on the wall moves, inside the forbidden journey ride where you passed through the gates of Hogwarts, the dungeon depicts the talking portraits, Dark Arts classrooms, Sorting Hat ! Even if you are scared to death, you must go on this unless you have some health or age restrictions . This is one amusing experience, no words to express how it was, one can only feel it. And you will love it, every bit of it.

Hogwart castle

Universal Studio has used lots of props in their theme park. Some of them are really interesting, amusing and cute.

Little Red Fire Brigade at the corner !

Another food truck selling ice creams !

If you are planning to visit Universal Studios, few pointers may help you.

> Best ride and not to be missed – Forbidden journey at Harry Potter and Hippogriffs ride.

> Do not miss Despicable Me Minions, it is utterly good ! And revenge of the Mummy, you will enjoy it. Do not miss this.

Disaster is good but not like the above ones. Shrek is little old style but kids may love it.

Poseidon fury show with special effects is also worth seeing.

Have a great weekend !



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Analysis of the Logo, Branding, and Marketing of Universal Studios

2577 Words11 Pages

In this essay I will look at the Film Company and distributer Universal Studios, also known as Universal Pictures. I will analyse the logo, branding, and marketing within the corporate company.

Overview of Universal Studios.

With a long history in the film making industry, Universal Studios is the largest film studio in the world, with 9000 employee’s. The company produced ‘ET: The Extra Terrestrial’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ which are two of the highest grossing movies in all of time. The company is quite regular in introducing new films into the consumer market, releasing on average between 15 – 18 per year.

Carl Laemmle who was a film exhibitor, and producer formed the American motion picture studio in 1912. The studio started…show more content…

They have used various different approaches to the logo design in the first 6 images, where they have more differences, but looking between the 7th development, and most recent 11, you can observe the most progress within modernizing it, but keeping details similar.
Logo number seven uses the space style image, which links back to logo number two, and layers, the words ‘Universal International’ in the globe with a starry night background. This is the logo that sets the characteristics that are expanded upon in the future developments. This logo primarily uses the colours blue and gold. The colour blue represents the sky, as well as this; blue portrays immortality in China, and also portrays trust in the Western nations. Globally, blue is considered to be a safe colour, and the most positive one. Gold adds the portrayal of magic, warmth, and tradition.
Following on from this, logo eight develops the illusion of space within the image, by bringing back the circular rings around the globe, The text ‘Universal’, ‘An MCA Company’, and ‘Release’ is adjusted making it bolder so it stands out more against the image.
Logo nine develops on the previous spacing out the text more, but keeping ‘Universal’ bold, and centre aligned. This variation of the logo also reintroduced the clouds in the background, but colours them in light shades of blue and purple, keeping the global sense of the brand.
In the tenth logo, the background

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