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The Curious Case of A-Level English

Thousands of 17-18 year olds will be receiving their A-Level results tomorrow. A good proportion of these will be collecting English Literature grades and amongst them will be two of my students.  Both of them were diligent, conscientious and engaged in our lessons. They both enjoyed exploring their A-Level texts (albeit Keats and Chaucer took...

Persuasive Writing: How to convince a reader

Persuasive Writing: How to convince a reader Inspirational videos Jamie Oliver’s TED talk about obesity in America- fantastic example of how to persuade a sceptical audience. Many of the techniques he uses in his speech can be easily transferred to writing. Dragon’s Den on BBC- entrepreneurs pitch to business moguls for investment with...

How to write a Personal Statement

 I have read hundreds of Personal Statements and have seen the dread that they inspire in even the most talented of students. The idea that you have to write something that will impress discerning Admissions tutors, who receive thousands of applications, is daunting. However, there are three things to bear in mind before you start writing your...

How to approach a GCSE English Paper

Many students think that re-reading texts and key ideas is enough to see them through their GCSE English exams. It is important to do both of these things but students must also have a clear strategy for how to approach each paper. In my experience, many students fail to think through how they are going to answer questions and don't spend...

My Testimonials

From a student who received an A in her English A-Level:

Thank you for the advice and support you gave me, without which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the result I did!
- A Level Student
From a student who received an A in his English Language and Literature GCSE:

Thank you so much for your guidance and support throughout the past
few months. It has really helped tremendously.
- GCSE Student
An enormous thank you for the fantastic session delivered today by Hannah.

It was exceptionally well prepared, well delivered, and well received by our students.
- Head of Sixth Form at Secondary School in Slough
He was full of praise for you - although he hadn't been in the session, he had had some very positive feedback and said that you had stayed brilliantly calm despite very challenging circumstances.
- Executive Head at PRU in London
From a student who received an A in his English Language GCSE:

Finally, I just want to say thank you for all the tutoring especially in English Language which we focused more intensely on as I felt beforehand that I was particularly weak at it.
- GCSE Student
Thank you very much for all your hard work with Nathan, I am sure he is feeling much more confident about doing his exams!
- Mother of GCSE Student
Hannah has taken a gradual approach to familiarising Alexandre with English literature and poetry. He was quite reluctant at first, but her pedagogical approach has borne its fruits - our child like so many of his generation is reluctant to reading.

We cannot recommend Hannah enough. She is professional, punctual, charming. Her reviews of Alexandre are very helpful.
- Parents of male GCSE Student
As I didn't see you on the last lesson, I wanted to thank you so much for your continued commitment and your super professional attitude managing to be friendly and respected by your students.
- Mother of GCSE student
He said it went well and he used the timings you taught him
He managed to answer all questions and he did say without
you he couldn’t have done it ( that’s a huge confession from my son)
So all the thanks in the world for your hard work.
- Mother of GCSE student
Despite being thousands of miles away, I have received extremely great guidance from Hannah for my English GCSE and English Literature A- level for the past 3 years via online Skype. My English grades have tremendously improved thanks to Hannah. I would highly recommend Hannah for tutoring.
- Skype student in UAE
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Testimonials are provided by the tutor and are not verified by The Tutor Pages

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